Eye Movement Integration therapy

The human spirit has strong and natural self-healing tools.  Therefore “EMI”, Eye Movement Integration therapy is an innovative neurotherapy technic using eye movement. This tool helps to free negative and recurrent imprints provoked by different traumas.

EMI technique has been elaborated in 1989 by American psychotherapists: Connirae and Steve AndreasThe sources of EMI are the neurolinguistic programming. The method treats the traumas linked to the post-traumatic syndrome but also traumas who do not necessarily fit the strict definition of it. We speak here of disruptive events that have a repetitive and disproportionate impact on someones life (in a specific area of life or on all aspects of it) which are linked to past memories difficult to integrate*.

EMI technic can be use during different kind of therapy sessions:  


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     *To learn more about EMI, read “Eye Movement Integration Therapy: An introduction to the treatment of traumatic and distressing memories”. 2012, by Danie Beaulieu.