Chrysalides 23

We can live our differences in harmony but we may also collide with many obstacles. At times, it might be necessary to be accompanied, counselled regarding accepting the challenge of our own difference. Affirming it within ourselves, our family circle or within our own environment is also very important.

La chrysalide”, known in English as “the chrysalis” is the intermediate state before becoming a butterfly. The word chrysalide, as the latin element trans, marks a passage, a change, a transformation, a becoming. To come out of our chysalide also means to blossom out, to come out of one’s shell, to take off, to soar. In the plural, Chrysalides 23 refers to sexual diversity and the number 23 is the 23rd pair of chromosomes: the sexual chromosomes.


Services for LGBT clientele: 

  • Counselling and common services
  • Support for adolescents and young adults: sexual orientation*
  • Help for adolescents: gender identity
  • Assistance for parents: questions regarding a child’s sexual identity
  • Assistance for families facing sexual orientation or identity issues*
  • Counselling for adults going through sex change or with transsexuality issues*
  • Support groups
  • Couple therapy
  • Art therapy, psychotherapy, sex therapy

* To learn more about sexual orientation, sexual identity and transsexuality see the section referred below.

Who are we?

We are a private professional resource socially aware and sensitive to the expression of sexuality within the person’s blossoming. The services we offer reflect this reality. 

“We”, is Annette Vaillancourt B.A. and Xavier Dany Girard M.A., co-founders.**

**We also invite you to read "Diversity, in between", a reflective text by Xavier Dany Girard.



Co-Director, Development Coordinator.
Sexologist – Counselor  

“My background includes a Bachelor degree in Sexology from UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I have worked with women in an AIDS environment (SIDA Montréal femmes) as a coordinator. I also worked at the Centre de Consultation et de Croissance à Montréal helping and accompanying individuals in group therapy. Within Chrysalides 23, I'm in charge of accompaniment and support services”.

“My work, but mostly my desire, is to offer you a good listening ear and support concerning your every day difficulties. Whether it be regarding your relationships, your work, your love life, how you value or do not value yourself, I will give you the encouragement needed. I will help you get confidence in yourself, find ways to go forward in your life, whether it be because of a temporary stress or a decision you need to clarify”.

To contact me or schedule an appointment:
819 455-9422


Xavier Dany:
Director, Clinical Counselor.
Sexologist – Psychotherapist

“I have a Masters in Sexology from UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal). I have counselling work experience from private offices in Montreal and Outaouais, from a CLSC and from different EAP – Employment Assistance Programs. Within Chrysalides23, I'm in charge of the clinical counselling services”.

“I’m managing the clinical orientations cases and the therapy section for Chrysalides 23. I conduct evaluations of candidates regarding sexual reassignment. I offer psychotherapy services, sex therapy, couples therapy and art therapy.

819 455-1157

Sexual orientation, sexual identity and transsexuality; 
A brief summary

Wishing to well informed, let’s look at distinct definitions regarding sexual orientation, sexual identity and transsexuality. 

Sexual orientation consists in sexual attraction felt toward another person. This orientation can be bisexual if the attraction is toward a person of same sex plus a person of the other sex. The homosexual attraction concerns a person of same sex. Finally heterosexuality concerns a person of the opposite sex. From a humanistic point of view, we are firstly human beings then, biologically differentiated during sexual development and finally, developing one or more sexual orientations. 

Sexual identity (gender identity), is part of ‘’belonging’’. It means having deep convictions and feelings that we belong to the sex we physically identify with. Few people ask themselves if they feel like a man or if they feel like a woman within their sexual identity. For most women and men, the biological sex (birth sex) corresponds to the sexual identity. One does not differ from the other. Therefore, the sexual identity doesn't really bring any questioning or frictions. 

But for others, it is not the case. For example: A person born male who has the conviction (even with external male genitals) to be fundamentally a woman in his gender identity may feel a high stress experience and even great distress. 

Again, for a person born as a female who discovers she is fundamentally a man in her sexual identity, even if she is growing breasts and having menses, feeling like a man may become an experience of unseemly suffering. 

That is why and from those life experiences, these people may think of sexual reassignment, the transsexualism path (transsexuality). They focus on wanting to transform their sexual characters (breasts, pilosity, etc) in conformity to their sexual identity. They can also go under surgery to get the genital corrections needed to conform to their truly sexual identity.

"Diversity, in between", a reFLECTIVE TEXT