Art Ému, is a multisensory experience where art and self-growth meet. The training I propose is a world of exploration more than worrying about learning how to draw. It is “how to see” instead of reproducing, how to create-feel-sense by the use of an analog language.

“Knowing how to draw is not a required prerequisite, neither a selection criteria to subscribe to workshops”


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ÉMU 1 – Exploration Workshops

Art mediums to explore emotions

Exploration of the firm and fluid mediums. A flight over the mediums axis and its impact on the creativity. Exploration of the primary and secondary colors through different mediums and their significance.  

PRODUCTION: 2D colored creation using fluid mediums.

Emotions in motion

Signature exercises transformed into visual negative space. Exploration of rhythms, waves and hatching movements. Two ways of creative exploration.

PRODUCTION: analog drawing of emotions in motion using firm mediums.

Shaping emotions

The felt-sense and shapes: exercise of container versus content. The created shape and its opposite. 3D felt-sense and feelings. Symbolism and shapes.

PRODUCTION: drawing and modelling of containers, collage and mounting using firm and fluid mediums.


ÉMU 2 – Thematic Workshops

*ÉMU 1 exploration workshops are a prerequisite to the thematic workshops 

Who am I?

Exploration of the world within self: The Eigenwelt.

Pregame, creation of a visual phenomenon, projective drawings. Analog self-portrait. Creation of a personal mandala in three steps. 3D mounting: Who am I?

EXPLORATION ON THE THEMATIC: The birth through self-creation. Individual creation: Choosing to be born.

My affective relationships

Exploration of the world with others: The Mitwelt.

Warmups and creation of a visual phenomenon, projective drawings. Analog self-portrait and relationships. Creation of relationships mandalas. 3D collective mounting: Life in group.

EXPLORATION ON THE THEMATIC: My loneliness (solitude). Individual creation: The ones to the others.

Body awareness

Exploration of the world related to body and self image: The Umwelt.

Scribbles and creating a visual phenomenon, projective drawings. Global analog puzzle. Creation of mandalas on self-image. 3D creation of shapes, containers and contents: My body.

EXPLORATION ON THE THEMATIC: My freedom. Individual creation: I am standing up.

Some ART ÉMU workshops creations