Here are a few testimonies regarding my practice and workshops. Do not hesitate to send me your comments and personal appreciation via email at info@xavierdanygirard.com.

“Créer des liens, des ponts et des images qui font du bien, du bon et bon ménage.”

[ Line Noiseux ]

For me, 4 words well qualify Xavier Dany’s services:


  • Confidence: because I felt supported and understood in my human sufferings
  • Creativity: including all of the tools utilized and which he adapts to each of our needs
  • Depth: because of the techniques being used (Art Therapy, EMI), these shut out the mental and permit to reach the real hurt source inside of us
  • Progress: since I felt much difference within a short time (more place inside, more peace, calm) these brought positive changes in my life (more harmony in my love relationship, new clients at work and thrilling new projects)…

[ Luce ]

While in counseling with Xavier I wanted to pursue a precise objective.

Within the first session I realized that I had to modify my objective or else engage myself on an unexpected road I had not seen previously. What led me to take that turn were the appropriate questions brought up by Xavier.

I had never met before the quality of listening that he offered me. While having a session with Xavier I felt there was nobody else but me that mattered, I had his entire attention, his empathy and his interventions and exchanges were so enlightening. I experienced a few very meaningful discoveries (ha! ha! moments) which led me in the direction I needed or that helped me understand why I had to let go. I am totally grateful toward him and I will not hesitate a second to benefit from his services again. I have since then recommended him to others.


Regarding Xavier Dany, his intuition and his authenticity are both what I appreciate the most in him. It is this intuition, which has guided our sessions all the while respecting my own limits, his approaches always remaining flexible and authentic.

I have much appreciated the EMI technique which has been a liberating experience from my past traumatic experiences: a simple therapy in movements that heals profoundly. I have also liked art therapy, which has helped me rediscover my creative and instinctual side. 

Xavier Dany is a warm person with much respect and honesty, all of which have helped me to develop confidence in him. He was able to adapt himself to my needs and this has permitted me to express and open myself more.

I truly recommend Xavier Dany and his services to whomever wish to have a guide and therefore find help to develop necessary tools to face life's obstacles with more serenity.


Global appreciation comments on training:
Very pertinent training; challenging, rewarding, profitable, constructive and inspiring. Workshops are well structured, helpful and pleasant. Lively, it makes us work on ourselves as well as how to use art-therapy techniques with clients.

Significant learnings:

  • Sexual therapy and art-therapy are compatible.
  • Flexibility of the approach; how to approach the client’s issues without asking for his permission.
  • Tools and interventions easily applicable. Specific technics. Practical tools.
  • Self-confidence. Personal learnings.
  • The power of art mediums, being able to work with all the aspects of art-therapy: the emotional awareness of the client (scribbles, spontaneous drawings), living the moment through experimentation.
  • Concrete exploration of various art mediums.
  • Concrete exercises to learn how to use art-therapy technics.
  • What a simple drawings may reveal on ourselves as well as on the clients; the relevance of art-therapy.